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Become the one who is going to blow up everything that is in the universe’s outer reaches and also cause various galaxies to disappear forever and even more. Solar Smash is a simulator in which you have no reason to do anything ordinary because here you will literally destroy planets.

The idea of the application is quite unusual, as it is often customary to contribute to the development of a globe, and not become the cause of the disappearance of an entire civilization.

The only thing you need is your mobile device on Android or iOS or your PC with the emulator installed. So, if you are not a fan of phones, then you can always use your computer if you want to.

The gameplay is that you need to destroy planets, as well as entire galaxies, using various tools, from guns, lasers, and ending with rockets and other powerful weapons. So, this game will be a great and exciting pastime after a hard and long day!

Solar Smash Game Online

You can also compete with friends who have caused the disappearance of the whole world more often than the other. So, get together with a big company and start poking at the screens of your mobile devices. Thus, in the boundless space, there is one globe less than it was before. Or maybe not even one…

Panoramas And Realistic Graphics

Paradyme Corporation did a good job on the visual aspect. All celestial objects are beautifully worked out. In general, if we talk about games on such topics, graphics play a rather important role. Because cosmos implies that there are beautiful views.

Each three-dimensional model of orbs is not like the others. The game features a few different celestial objects. You are able to look at each of them while playing. So, move on and meet new ways of destruction, as well as your new “victims”.

Also, in the development process, such a moment as physics was taken into account, which is very important for this genre. So, watching the heavenly body crumble into small particles is entertaining. So, many people are definitely going to like such a timekiller. That’s why you need to try Solar Smash as soon as possible!

Methods of Destruction

You have a choice of a large number of weapons. So, it is possible for you to complete your main mission in timekiller in many different ways. So, try lasers, guns, and rockets! Since each of them has a different effect on how the sphere you point your weapon at explodes.

At first, it may seem that playing can be rather monotonous, but it really is not. Because later this simulator starts to tighten. And you are already starting to run it again. Since it is unusual and interesting.

Summing up, it is worth mentioning to say that the developers worked really hard. Their final product has a good visual aspect, and the available functionality is not very sophisticated.

Therefore, even for those who downloaded Solar Smash quite recently, it is going to be easy to figure out everything that needs to be done here. So, if you want to try a good simulator with a space theme or you are just a lover to create chaos, then this timekiller is definitely for you.

Solar Smash: An Easy Beginner’s Guide

Solar Smash, developed by Paradyme Games, is a simulation title available on iOS and Android platforms. It engages players by tasking them with annihilating planets through a range of potent weaponry, seamlessly melding innovation and devastation within the expansive cosmos.
Overview of Gameplay The core of Solar Smash lies in its Planet Smash mode, where participants utilize advanced tools, lasers, and even formidable creatures to obliterate voxel-based planets. The game offers intricate, real-time visuals of destruction, depicting the simulated population’s decline on a planetary scale.
Solar Smash Game Online

Modes and Key Terms

Furthermore, Solar Smash presents System Smash mode alongside Planet Smash, enabling players to manipulate cosmic entities to wreak havoc. This mode introduces mechanics based on gravity and requires strategic foresight, broadening the gaming experience. The game is available for free, with the option to remove ads for a nominal fee, enriching user enjoyment.
Tactical Annihilation and Protection Every celestial body in the game boasts distinct structures and defensive systems, compelling players to plan their destruction tactics carefully. While realistic planets come with inherent defenses, fictional ones incorporate futuristic elements, intensifying the strategic depth of the game.

Community and Customization

Solar Smash includes settings for adjusting graphics, language, and audio, offering a personalized experience. Achievements and statistics track the player’s progress, providing goals and milestones. The game encourages creativity and experimentation within its destructive framework.

Exploring Planetary Destruction

In Solar Smash, planets serve as the primary platform for players’ creative destruction. Every voxel-based planet provides a completely destructible setting. The game presents a range of planets, each possessing distinct traits and defenses, encouraging players to employ diverse tactics for obliteration.
Diverse Planetary Objectives Solar Smash encompasses both authentic and fictional planets. Genuine planets replicate the celestial bodies of our solar system, equipped with innate defenses against cosmic hazards. Imaginary planets introduce inventive scenarios featuring futuristic defenses, prompting players to adjust their destructive approaches.

Notable Planetary Features

Voxel-based composition: Allows for full destructibility.
Varied core depths: Affect cooling after damage.
Defensive mechanisms: Include nukes for populated planets.
Population density maps: Influence strategic destruction.
Diverse planetary designs: Offer varied challenges.

Strategic Destruction Mechanics

Solar Smash’s destruction mechanics are nuanced, with each planet reacting uniquely to the player’s arsenal. Players must adapt to each planet’s cooling behavior and structural integrity, aiming for a breakdown point that signifies catastrophic failure, marked by a significant population drop and dramatic visual transformation.

Engagement Through Defense and Damage

Populated planets come equipped with defenses, such as missile systems, to repel attacks. This adds a strategic layer, as players must navigate and disable these defenses for successful planet destruction. Detailed population maps add another dimension, allowing for targeted strikes in densely populated areas.

Solar Smash transforms planetary destruction into an engaging, strategic experience. Each planet, with its unique composition and defenses, challenges players to think creatively. Whether targeting a real planet with natural defenses or a fictional one with sci-fi shields, the game offers endless possibilities for those fascinated by the spectacle of planetary destruction.


The planet Earth is modeled to reflect its actual composition, including the crust, mantle, and cores. It realistically represents a population of 7.791 billion people, with precise demographic distributions, such as over 330 million in the USA and over 1.39 billion in China. Smaller settlements with populations under one million are not included in the death tally, allowing scenarios where zero population is reported despite visible city lights.


In Solar Smash, the Sun is depicted as a dynamic celestial body. Players can wield cosmic powers against the Sun, testing the limits of its fiery expanse. The game’s physics engine showcases the Sun’s response to cosmic phenomena, providing a visually striking and educational experience on the nature and resilience of stars.


Mars is presented as a barren, red landscape, replicating its real Martian surface. The game includes Mars’ distinctive features, such as vast deserts and the absence of water bodies, offering a unique canvas for destruction. Unlike Earth, Mars lacks sim population, allowing unrestricted experimentation with the game’s arsenal. The planet’s rugged terrain and iconic landmarks, like Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris, add realism to the simulation, challenging players to creatively alter its alien landscape.